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What is Technology Addiction?

There are numerous advantages that technology brings to human life. However, the loss of control over the use of technology by the person and the unlimited and unrestricted use of technology can cause very serious damage. Internet and technology addiction are defined as being deprived when they can not reach the technological product they depend on, such as other dependencies.


Indication of Technology Addiction

-To spend hours just by saying a few minutes.

-To lie around you about the time you spend across the screen.

-To complain about physical problems because of using computers for a long time.

-To prefer talking people on the internet, instead of talking face to face

-To prefer surfing on internet instead of eating, studying lesson or course.

-Though you are guilty of spending a lot of time at the beginning of your computer, you will also enjoy great pleasure and come and go between these two feelings.

-You feel frustrated and nervous when you are away from your computer.

-Stay late on the computer.


Problems caused by technology Addiction

-Physical Complaint

-Burning in the eyes

-Pain and stiffness in the neck muscles

-Body posture disorder

-Numbness in your hand



Social Complaint

-Decreased Academic Success

-Personal, family and school problems

-Time not managed

-Sleeping disorders

-Eating disorders

-Decrease in activities

-Isolation outside your Internet friends


Addiction Control Methods

-Change daily internet usage hours.

-Prepare weekly internet usage programs and ensure compliance.

-Spend some time with support groups or with methods such as family therapy.

-Ask them to write a book about the activities they want to do and to do what they write when they are willing to use the Internet.


Preventing Addiction in Children and Adolescents 

Children younger than 2 years are not eligible to meet with the Internet, TV or computer. Use of the Internet is sufficient for the pre-school age group to not exceed 30 minutes per day. During the first 4 years of primary education, 45 minutes of daily play and entertainment should be booked except for homework. In the following years, the weekend is more flexible and suitable for an hour a day. In high school, two hours a day is enough.